Marketing commercial real estate online

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Increasing Commercial
Real Estate Value

The objective of this research was to explore a new approach to increasing the asset value of commercial real estate by showcasing owner’s better building improvements.

Summary of Findings

Primary study findings include:
  • Substantial improvement activity has been taking place during the past two years. 79% of respondents indicated that improvements in buildings that they are involved in have been made.
  • Improvements have had substantial impact on asset value. 59% of respondents reported that improvements increased asset value. 37% reported that improvements had substantial or very substantial impact and an additional 22% said that improvements had a moderate
  • Improvement projects will continue. 55% of respondents indicated that their organization will likely or definitely be making extensive improvements during the next 24 months.
  • The majority of improvements will be made as smaller, continuing projects. 59% of respondents indicated that their improvements will be made as smaller, continuing projects, over time.

Download the Increasing Commercial Real Estate Value™ study.