Marketing commercial real estate online

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3 Ways To Market
Commercial Real
Estate Online

There are three basic ways that a broker can market commercial real estate online . . . websites, directories or a Better Building Showcase.

Websites are one option. They provide brokers and listing agents with an opportunity to present their properties any way they like.

There are two categories of websites that a broker may want to consider . . . custom websites or do-it-yourself website builders. A custom website has potential to present a property in top search engine positions while delivering a compelling marketing presentation.  The cost, however (typically starting at $4,000 – $5,000) makes it difficult to fund this solution within most property marketing budgets. A do it yourself website building is more affordable but requires considerable graphics, copy writing and search engine optimization expertise.

For most brokers, directory listings are a better way to go. There are two categories of online commercial real estate directories . . . big ones and small ones. The advantages and disadvantages of both types of directories are discussed in this article.

The article also shares information about Better Building Showcase™, a new software service that the authors of this article designed specifically to make marketing commercial real estate on the Internet simple, easy and inexpensive.

Better Building Showcase combines many of the best features of online directories and websites and, during the Better Building Showcase introduction, brokers can create an unlimited number of property showcases . . . for FREE! And, property showcases created during the introduction will always be FREE!

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